A brief history of Webb Design

For over twenty years Webb Design has consistently delivered user friendly web, eCommerce, social media, and eBook resources which capture an audience’s attention through creative and engaging content. We specialise in responsive Wordpress design, interactive html programming, scripting and coding, secure online transactions, booking and ticketing systems, WooCommerce configuration, SEO and SEM, IT management, domain registration, server hosting, and 24/7 support.

As the digital section of Network Creative Services, Webb Design understands the importance of marketing and promotion through the development of responsive themes, regular updates, search engine optimisation, and the production of support material – because building a great web site or eBook is just the beginning. Having developed some of Australia’s most functional and creative multimedia projects, Webb Design possesses the ability and know-how to complete any digital based project from web sites, eBooks, eCommerce, eBay, and social media design (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to international domain name registration and hosting, Google AdWords, analytics, search optimisation, and everything in between.

Is your web site mobile friendly?

Recently Google released a major update to its search algorithm that gives higher scores to web sites it deems ‘mobile-friendly’. Sites that aren’t mobile friendly are now ranked lower in Google search results. To check if your site is mobile-friendly visit Google’s mobile-friendly test link and enter your site’s address. Google will then analyse your site and declare it mobile-friendly or not.

If your site failed Google’s test you might be using an old layout that’s not responsive. Google’s mobile search algorithm completely changes the order in which websites are ranked and displayed in search results when coming from mobile devices. Given the fact that almost 60% of all online traffic now comes from mobile, this is big news and will affect millions of web sites. Responsive sites like the ones we created for ComiXpo and IronOutlaw automatically rebuild their layouts when someone visits via tablet or smart phone to ensure important content like the site title, images, and text can be read across a range of screen sizes. Webb Design can rebuild your site to ensure it meets all of Google’s guidelines. For more information on this important announcement visit Google’s blog page.

Let Webb Design loose on your next eBook

Here at Webb Design our digital hub specialises in the implementation, design, and launch of corporate quality Apple iBooks and eBooks published through Smashwords, KoboKindle, and issuu.

Our team of expert editors, designers, typographers, and e-publishers will ensure your digital publication meets a standard of excellence worthy of the written words within. From creating an eye catching cover to developing a blurb that will hook your reader, our award winning freelance publishing section guarantees an end product to rival any main stream eBook publication. But our expertise doesn’t stop with the production of your eBook. We also specialise in book trailers, marketing, and promotion so everyone who is anyone will know you have a new book ready to read.

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